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Quality Assurance

We are operating BS EN ISO9001:2008 approved systems, we can provide complete product traceability, material certification and dimensional reports; using our state of the art Computerised Co-ordinate Measuring (CMM) facilities.

Supply Chain Management - What is Supply Chain Management?

Increased sophistication in customer requirements and greater competition, have pushed the industry towards higher and higher levels of efficiency in an effort to meet customer needs and cut costs. One of the results of this drive has been the outsourcing of goods and services to third parties, in a way that has inexorably bonded the supply chains of operators, contractors and suppliers.

Supply Chain Management is about managing the flow of information, materials, services and money across any activity, in a way which maximises the effectiveness of the process. It is about introducing new tools or revising well-known techniques in an effort to ask ourselves: "Is this the right thing to do" rather than "Is this the best way we can continue to do the same thing". This is a continuous process, not a one-time fix.

In short, successful Supply Chain Management will reduce the costs of both clients and suppliers, while sustaining or improving added value and margins. Consequently, companies that have effective supply chains are most successful.

"A company that fails to manage its supply chains at a strategic level is unlikely to meet its business objectives effectively."

CPE have extensive experience operating as a tier one supplier for various customers covering a wide range of industries.